CAT Telephone Teller

CAT: a direct line to your accounts
CALL 864.948.8265

You expect instant access to your account information and CAT delivers it. It’s your direct line to many types of inquiries and transactions. All you need is a touchtone telephone, your account number and your PIN. Plus, our improved CAT system allows you to check the status of ACH and ATM items. The user-friendly CAT system will prompt you through many common transactions and inquiries.

  • Account Histories
  • Account Balances
  • Check Clearings
  • Make transfers
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Loan & Dividend Rates
  • Check ATM Items
  • Check ACH Items

CAT is easy to use, convenient and confidential. To provide greater account security, we will no longer give balances over the phone. Instead, we ask that you call CAT for balance inquiries. The first time you call, you will be asked to enter a new PIN of your choice. You may change your PIN at any time by calling CAT. If you forget your PIN, contact our office. It is important to keep your PIN confidential. See below for a handy reference guide for using CAT.

Main Menu Options

  • Press 1 Member transactions and inquiries
  • Press 2 Current share rates and loan rates

To obtain account information

  • Step 1 Enter your base account number and #
  • Step 2 Enter your PIN number and #
  • Step 3 Choose from the following options:
  • Option 1 Summary of account balances
  • Option 2 Detailed balances
  • Option 3 Account activity
    • #1 Most recent activity
    • #2 Deposits and payments
    • #3 Withdrawals and advances
    • #4 Cleared checks
    • #5 Debit card transactions
    • #6 Specific check clearings
  • Option 4 Account Transactions
    • #1 Withdrawals
    • #2 Transfers
  • Option 5 Share Rates
  • Options 6 Change PIN Number

Tips for Using CAT

  • Your share account is your savings account.
  • Your master share savings account is sub account 99.
  • If you request a withdrawal by check, CAT will prompt you for the amount of the check and if you want the check mailed or picked up. If you choose to have it mailed, the check will be mailed to the home address on file.
  • Call CAT at 864.948.8265.

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