Visa Debit Card

Woman using an ATM With a Vital FCU checking account members receive a Visa debit card which offers convenient cash withdrawal and payment options:

  • Debit card is free with any checking account
  • Set up automatic payments
  • No finance charges
  • Track purchases online, on our mobile app, or through statements
  • Cash withdrawals from thousands of ATMs
  • Make purchases faster than using a check and safer than carrying cash
  • Make payments by phone or online

Activate your Visa debit card or change your PIN by calling 1-866-985-2273

If your Visa debit card is lost or stolen please call the following toll-free number immediately to report your card missing:

Blocked States:

Florida – all transactions
Ohio – all transactions
Texas – all transactions

New York – PIN only transactions allowed
Colorado – PIN only transactions allowed

North Carolina – all ATM transactions blocked

PIN only Vendors:

These stores and vendors are not blocked but only PIN transactions are allowed.

    • Walmart
    • Walmart Super Center
    • Murphy gas
    • Food Lion
    • Kroger
    • Home Depot
    • Lowe’s
    • Belk
    • Bi-Lo

Postal Services outside of North and South Carolina are blocked for all transactions

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Please let us know in advance if you are traveling and plan to use your debit card. More Information